Gulf Gate Animal Hospital

2031 Bispham Road
Sarasota, FL 34231


Enjoy a virtual tour of Gulf Gate Animal Hospital! 

We take special measures and pride ourselves in keeping a clean smelling, clutter free, healthy environment for our clients and patients. We are conveniently located in south Sarasota in the neighborhood of Gulf Gate, close to Beneva Road, Clark Road, Palmer Ranch, Siesta Key, Osprey, South Tamiami Trail and the Landings.

Sarasota Vet Clinic Reception Gulf Gate Animal Hospital Beneva

Reception Area- Help yourself to a cup of fresh brewed coffee in our light, open and comfortable reception area while your pet is being cared for at our veterinary clinic.


Exam Room 1 with Lift Table - Sometimes our larger dogs are more comfortable when elevated by our lift table and that enables a more thorough exam!

Sarasota Animal Hospital Gulf Gate Clinic Room 2


Exam Room 2- Our veterinary exam room for smaller dogs and cats.

                         Sarasota Vet Gulf Gate Animal Hospital Animal Medical Clinic Clark            

Exam Room 3- Our veterinary hospital has a room equipped for our exotic patients- rabbits, rodents (including mice, rats, hamsters), birds, and reptiles (including snakes, iguanas, geckos, turtles, bearded dragons), etc.

Sarasota Animal Hospital Gulf Gate Beneva Palmer Ranch Clark Pharmacy  


Pharmacy- For your convenience Gulf Gate Animal Hospital is fully stocked with all the common medications needed to treat your pet promptly including antibiotics, flea preventatives, pain medications, NSAIDS, as well as many highly researched natural/ holistic treatments.             


Sarasota Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic Laboratory Palmer Ranch Beneva Animal MedicalIn-House Laboratory- Gulf Gate Animal Hospital has a full array of laboratory equipment to run complete blood counts, chemistry screens (to asses Kidney and liver function, electrolytes, blood sugar, pancreatic inflammation, Calcium, and Phosphorus), urine analysis and cytology of tumors and masses within 20 minutes to better tailor treatments in acutely ill patients.  We run fecal centrifugations (vs normal fecal floatations) which are over twice as sensitive at picking up intestinal parasite infections.  We also do in-house cultures and can have results in as little as 24 hours to more quickly treat serious infections appropriately. We test for heart worms, Feline Leukemia, and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and Giardiasis with results in 10 minutes.

Sarasota Veterinary Clinic Gulf Gate Animal Hospital Surgery Spay Neuter Tumor Dog CatSurgery Suite- Gulf Gate Animal Hospital has a fully equipped surgery suite with isoflorane gas anesthesia machines, IV pumps, cardiac and pulse oximetry monitoring, suction, electrocautery and a warm water heating pads. Our Veterinary Surgeons preform all types of surgery including spays, neuters, tumor removals, skin lumpectomies, gastrointestinal foreign body surgeries, bladder stone removal, ear canal surgery, anal gland removal, amputations, enucleations, Liver, Kidney and intestinal biopsies, eyelid tumor removal, and gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) surgery.


Sarasota Veterinary Clinic Gulf Gate Dental Treatment Animal Medical

Dental/Treatment Room- Our veterinarians perform and extensive exam and evaluation of the oral cavity after a thorough dental cleaning.  After assessing gum disease and periodontal health of each individual tooth and knowing the ability of the owner to perform home dental care we will make a treatment plan.

Sarasota Animal Hospital Gulf Gate Digital Radiology X-rays  Palmer Ranch Beneva Animal Medical Clinic
Instant Digital Radiology Suite- Our Animal Hospital is equipped with Digital Radiography which allows aquisition of X-rays within seconds.  If needed these X-rays can be sent through the internet for a second opinion from a board certified radiologist within minutes. The clarity and contrast is much superior to traditional X-ray equipment. 

Sarasota Vet Animal Hospital Gulf Gate Digital Xray Pregnant DogAlso, no hazardous chemicals are needed and a digital copy of the X-rays can be made to a disk easily.   

Veterinary Clinic Gulf Gate Animal Hospital Ultrasound Echocardiogram SpecialistUltrasound / Echocardiogram Station- Veterinarian Edward Cole is very excited to be one of the few veterinary clinics in sarasota with such a high quality ultrasound / Echocardiography machine that is usually only found at specialist hospitals.  Different than X-rays, ultrasound allows veterinarians to visualize the internal structure of organs through the use of simple sound waves. This procedure usually requires shaving of hair and application of water soluble gel and is painless. Common indication of abdominal ultrasound are with suspected kidney, liver, splenic, intestinal, bladder, prostate, adrenal, uterine or testicularSarasota Veterinary Clinic Animal Hospital Medical Ultrasound Echocardiogram disease. An echocardiogram is just an ultrasound of the heart.  Gulf Gate Animal Hospital has specialized probes that measure blood velocity by  color flow to better diagnose certain cardiac diseases such as mitral valve endocardiosis, dilated cardiomyopathy, and many congenital disorders.