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Gulf Gate Animal Hospital Boarding Policies

We are happy to offer boarding for our animal clinic’s established patients.  All our employees love to spend time and make your pets have a happy and comfortable stay with us. Walking and exercising is done at least three times daily. We do feed the Hill's Science Diet foods in our hospital, so if your pet needs any other diet you can bring that with you.  The boarding facility does have blankets and towels for their kennels and runs, but if you would like to bring something from home, please label it with an indelible marker in case it needs to be washed. For stays longer than a day, we will bathe, clip nails, clean ears, and brush out your pet so he/she is fresh, clean and fluffy for your return. (Bathing is mandatory for any stay longer than 1 day for dogs.) A big advantage of kenneling your pet at Gulf Gate Animal Hospital is that if any problems or abnormalities occur our kennel staff will bring it to the attention of our veterinarians!

We also offer extra boarding care services, at an additional cost, that include and extra walk, exercise time and grooming daily as well as special daily treats.

We also offer a medical boarding for animals with involved medical problems that need many medications, injections, and/or closer monitoring.

Please read our additional Boarding Guidlines Below:

All pets admitted for boarding must have proof of current immunizations.  For cats, current Rabies and Feline Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, Calici Virus, and Chlamydia (FVRCP) vaccinations, and current Feline Leukemia Virus Immunization or a blood test with in 1 year are required.  For Dogs, current Rabies Vaccination, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza(DHPP) vaccination and Leptospirosis vaccination are required as well as a Bordetella Immunization within the last 6 months.

Sarasota Animal Hospital Gulf Gate Palmer Ranch Beneva Animal Medical Boarding Kennel Cat Dog


  • Cats..........$13.60
  • Dogs<25LBS..........$20.80
  • DOGS 25-50LBS..........$22.10
  • DOGS 50-75LBS..........$20.40
  • DOGS 75-100LBS..........$23.40
  • DOGS >100LBS..........$25.50

prices subject to change without notice. Current as of 11/27/18

There is a $10.00 discount on the below prices for the bath with boarding. Bathing is MANDATORY for all dog boarders.

  • CATS -optional - LONG HAIR $40.00, SHORT HAIR.......... $35.00
  • DOGS 1-10LBS..........$28.50
  • DOGS 10-25LBS..........$30.00
  • DOGS 25-50LBS..........$33.00
  • DOGS 50-75LBS..........$35.50
  • DOGS 75-100LBS..........$38.50
  • DOGS 100 + LBS..........$46.00

prices subject to change without notice. Current as of 11/27/18

All pets admitted for boarding should be free of external and internal parasites.  A fecal examination is required within the last year.  If parasites are evident, your pet will be treated and you will be charged for that service.  This is critical in preventing parasite transmission between pets that are boarding at Gulf Gate Animal Hospital.

Pets will be admitted and discharged to go home during regular office hours only.  However, we recommend you call prior to pick up so we can finish any grooming before discharge. 

If your pet becomes ill during his/her stay, any needed medical attention will be administered and you will be charged the customary fees for that service.  It is ideal to leave an emergency number where you can be reached for the unlikely event there are any problems with your pet.

These policies are designed to make sure you pet will have a happy and healthy stay with us!

Thank you for taking the time to review our Boarding Policy.

Gulf Gate Animal Hospital
2031 Bispham Road
Sarasota, FL 34231